Prosecutor Appoints Two New Deputies

District Attorney John Quincy Brown today appointed to his staff two World War II veterans who were notified only this week they successfully passed the October bar examinations.

They are Milton L. Schwartz of 4501 Marion Court and John Myron Sapunor of 711 Twenty Eighth Street.

They will be sworn in as attorneys January llth before the state supreme court in San Francisco and cannot officially take office until then. Brown's staff of deputies has been two men short because of recent resignations.

Former Army Officers

Both the newcomers are former army officers whose legal training was interrupted by the war.

Schwartz is 28 and has resided in Sacramento since infancy. He attended the local schools, gradu- ated from the University of California, and left Boalt Hall, the university's law school, to enter the army in February, 1942. In December, 1945, he was discharged as an infantry major. Three years of his service was spent in the Pacific Theater.

Schwartz is the son of Mrs.. Sel- ma Lavenson Schwartz. He is married and has one child. At present, he is a law clerk for the third district court of appeal.

Santa Clara Graduate

Sapunor is 29, and a graduate of Santa Clara University and the Santa Clara Law School. After graduating from college he entered army service in January, 1942, and served in the infantry and air corps until his discharge as a captain in April, 1946.

Sapunor is a son in law of Superior Judge B. F. Van Dyke. For this reason all criminal cases he handles will he tried before Judge Raymond T. Coughlin. Sapunor is married and has one child. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Sapunor of Sacramento.

Schwartz will continue in his present job until at least the first of the year, but Sapunor will begin Monday learning his new duties, although he cannot appear in court officially until he is sworn in as a lawyer.


2001 United States District Court for the Eastern District of California Historical Society.