Holiday Reception

For the second successive year since the Society was formed, on December 12, 2002, Charter Members gathered in the library of the United States Courthouse in Sacramento for a holiday reception. Thanks to Carol Davis and Mary Ann Vitry for their assistance in planning the event, and to Peg Toledo of the Orrick firm for arranging the catering by the Kitchen restaurant of Sacramento.
Judge Shubb, Karen Jacobsen, and Judge England
share recollections of the court's history.
Sacramento attorney John Gilmore and Judge Damrell
rekindle an old friendship.
Pat Sandlin and Peg Toledo look on as Judge
Shubb tells the story of the "MacBride dollar."
Left to right: Andy Stroud, (future Magistrate Judge)
Kim Mueller, Dave Riegels, and Kris Burks.

2001-2002 United States District Court for the Eastern District of California Historical Society.