Oral Histories

One of the primary purposes for forming the Eastern District Historical Society was to obtain oral histories of our judges and other prominent figures in the history of our district. It is the the Society's goal to make these oral histories available to its members and others who have a legitimate interest in their contents. We believe the most effective means to achieve that goal is to post the transcripts of those histories on the Society's web page. Because we also recognize that there are those who have no legitimate interest in this information, access to the interviews has been password restricted. Anyone viewing this page has presumably been given access by the Society. Please do not disclose the password to any unauthorized persons.

To view the transcript of the interview with Judge Schwartz, click HERE

To view the transcript of the interview with Dick Walker, click HERE.

The oral histories of Judge Halbert and Judge Crocker are not available on line. Arrangements to view them must be made by contacting the Historical Society. For those viewers using a high speed connection, however, a videotaped exerpt from Judge Halbert's history may be viewed by clicking HERE. (Unfortunately, those connecting by a dial up modem will probably be unable to view the video clip.)

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